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We Collect & Recycle Scrap Metal In Gold Coast

We Collect & Recycle Scrap Metal

BNE Copper Recycling do eco-friendly scrap metal recycling Gold Coast and pay you the most competitive prices in the recycling industry. We buy, collect, and recycle your scrap metal and save the planet from the harmful greenhouse gas emanations that are the primary reason behind the ozone layer damage.

We collect scrap metal and process it and help reduce the environmental impacts of mining raw metals from the underground and reduce up to 80 per cent of mining waste. If you have an unwanted scrap metal cluttering your home or workplace, sell it to us and instantly get top cash for scrap metal.

How Much Cash For Scrap Metal Do We Pay?

Cash For Scrap Metal Gold Coast

Our price of scrap metal Gold Coast depends on the demand and current market value of scrap metal. You can fill up the online form at the homepage’s upper right corner to get an instant free quote. We also offer on-site weighing to pay you a fair cash price for your scrap metal.

So give us a call, and our team of scrap metal recycling will come to you anywhere on the Gold Coast.

We Buy All Types Of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron

Carbon Steel

Carboon Steel



We Are Licensed Scrap Metal Buyers Gold Coast

Scrap Metal Recycling Gold Coast

Do you know that you will get the opportunity to claim the insurance when you sell scrap metal to any licensed scrap metal recyclers company? Usually, certified and licensed scrap metal buying companies such as BNE Copper Recycling provide you with a Certificate of Destruction applicable all over the place where the insurance is claimable.

This certificate will serve as a guarantee that your metal is destroyed ethically and will also confirm that it doesn’t end up lying in your backyard or anywhere on the Gold Coast.